Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Bend, Texas

On the weekend of April 15 through the 18th I took a trip to the Big Bend of Texas. This has been a destination I have wished to visit for a long time, and my residency time in Texas is running out, so I took advantage of the long weekend to finally visit. Unfortunately, halfway on my trip to my destination I realized I had forgotten my digital camera . . . . of all possible things to forget to bring on such a trip. I purchased a couple of instamatic cameras . . . . but the end result is incredibly disappointing. I'll probably post a few pictures, but must rely on text to capture my memories. Also . . . at this time, I don't have the time to apply myself to the task of recounting my experience. I shall return, hopefully in the near future, to accomplish this. For now . . . there is a lot to do to finish the arrangements for my leaving. Rich and his brother arrive next Monday. There are boxes to fill, and final arrangements to coordinate. Hopefully I'll return before the sharpness of my remembered experiences fades.