Thursday, July 28, 2011

In case you would like to stalk one of the Decorah eagles

The web cam all summer has been a hit with the public. The Decorah Eagles are famous, and have a lot of fans!

The Raptor Resource Project has decided to band and place a transmitter on at least one of the birds. They may do this for more than one, but at this time I'm only aware of one having been "beeped" up.

Here is a video of the release of the bird, who has a backpack installed. This is the kind of transmitter I'm thinking about getting for my hawk this year . . . only the eagle has a much larger package as it has to carry a battery that will last a long time.

Eagle Release

A web site has been established that will track daily the movement of this young eagle.  So far, she is not moving much from the nest area, and who can blame her, as there is abundant fish, and the parents have not decided to chase them off yet. 

So, click on the link, and follow where she goes.

Decorah Eagle Transmitter

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Falconry Talk in Wonewoc

A few years ago I was invited to fly my hawk at the Wonewoc Outdoor Living Area for a class with the high school.  The lady who invited me took this video.  It is a good, general introduction talk about falconry.  Unfortunately, she ran out of video just as we were going hunting.  We did catch a bunny that day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Been Hot!!

Not much to blog about right now, mostly because it's just too hot to go outside and do anything.


I'm actually glad that I don't have a hawk in my mews right now, to worry about keeping cool and hydrated.

I will have an interesting post, I hope, in the near future.  Rich found an item on an auction site recently for me, and I backed him up with the finances to win the final bid.  It's a falconry project to be worked on, once it stops being in the high 90's, with a humidity that pushes us into the 110s heat index wise.  I'm excited by the possibilities . . . but don't want to reveal anything about it here, yet, until I have some progress.  There is some dirty, sweaty work in the near future, but I think I'm going to have something fabulous when I'm done.

Come back!

Until then, stay inside and keep cool!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Aplomado Falcon

I was unaware of a reintroduction project to return this falcon to its historic range.  The following clip on my Facebook page informed me.

Aplomado Falcons

I'm quite aware of the Whooping Crane reintroduction project which has been ongoing for years.  Here is a link for that for anyone that is interested to know:  Operation Migration     At least Aplomado Falcons don't have to be shown a migration route.  I'm guessing they will be set up in a hack box , and then just be allowed to self release.  Many falconry techniques have been used to restore native raptor populations.

Here is an article about the birds and the project:

Peregrine Fund