Friday, November 27, 2015

Video Archive

Please just ignore this page . . . if you are one of my regular readers.

Often, I want to share a video with people when I introduce them to my blog, but I just don't remember where they all are.  Here I'm creating an archive I can easily pull up to find just what I'm looking for.

CC Calldown

Long Absence ~ Several slips for CC, and then a catch and transfer

Compilation of Hunts ~ Sassy after squirrels

Falcon vs Downhill Bike Racer (Red Bull)

Hit Girl and the Spring Grove Squirrel

Bunnies at the Truck Stop

NAFA 2012 ~ long but good catch by Hit Girl

Hawks and Tali (a very nice video)

Hit Girl at Brandon's

Long Hunt at Spring Grove Park ~ but nice catch by Hit Girl

Old video of Nina, Educational Talk

Danny's really good video

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