Monday, November 9, 2015

A Good Weekend

Sassy really was the star this weekend.  On Saturday I visited my friend, Janelle, who has some good brushy areas on the land around where she lives.  Sassy got to check it out, with Flint coming along to learn how a proper Harris Hawk is supposed to act.  Before I even got to where I wanted to start hunting, and only about 2 to 3 minutes out of the hood, she nailed a squirrel.  I moved in to help, and Flint started over to get in on the game, and just as he landed, Sassy let go of her squirrel and flew up to the tree.  I don't know if the tree rat had bit her or what, but I was left with a very much alive squirrel.  I dealt with it, pushed it into the game bag and kept going.  Within about 10 more minutes, she brought a bunny to the bag.  She's such a great bird!  We had several other flushes, but no more catches that day.  At the end of the hunt both came down to the lure.

On Sunday morning I took Wyvern out for a hunt in a place where I know there are lots of mice, and also a few bunnies.  As I planned, she did hunt, and caught three mice.  It's not anything exciting, but it was hunting for her, she followed me in the field, and came to the lure at the end of the day.  She is showing a tendency to carry what she has caught.  I gave her space today.  When she nailed a mouse, I didn't move in too close, but after she was done eating each, I called her to the fist for a little tid bit. It is also a start.  Any gain is a good gain.  There was one particular time a bunny was about to be flushed, and she did fly into the grass nearby.  It is probably just a matter of time before she starts catching real quarry (rabbits).

I then went home and switched out to my A Team.  Flint seems to do a lot better when it is just me in the field as the only human.  He kept closer to Sassy and I, and when she caught her bunny, he came in, but didn't try crowding her.  I think the best thing for him is to just keep getting exposed to quarry chases and catches.  I hope our mild fall weather continues.

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