Friday, May 17, 2019

More Goat Babies

Spring 2019 has come and gone.  I posted many pictures of goat babies but didn't put any text to them.  I will correct that now.  Total births this year were 19 kids.  Just about all of them came in variations on a theme of white with black spots, as that is the color mostly represented by my herd.  However there is some brown in there, and Cashew gave me two completely adorable doelings. She would go on and also give me some milk.  Fuzzy was also brought to the stand and contributed milk.

Between these two descendants of my oldest goat Macaroon and the contributions of my two new Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Poppy and Marigold, I was getting a goodly amount of milk for awhile.  However, milking every morning was quite the task.  I did buy myself a milking machine, however later into June and the start of July I slacked off on my milking, and with the kids not taking as much either, my mamma goats are drying off.  We did get some nice cheese while it lasted.

These three are Macaroons triplets this year.  We would go on to bottle feed the smallest one, a little buckling we ended up naming Tiny Tim, as he needed a little help, his mamma not having a lot of milk, and his two bigger sisters drinking it all.

Rich is holding Biscotti's triplets.  Some several weeks later we did lose the youngest doeling of this set.  Something was not right with her, and in the terrible heat we had at the middle of July she succumbed to her weakness.  Otherwise, all the others appear to be doing fine.