Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Professionalism Makes All the Difference

Recently I had the privilege of participating in a professional photo shoot.  The woman behind the camera is Barbara O'Brien, and she makes her living photographing primarily animals.  She has kindly allowed me permission to post some of her work here.  Go visit her page and enjoy some of her quality work:  Barbara O'Brien Photography

The images in this post are copyright protected by Barbara, and use is strictly prohibited without permission of the artist.  If you like what you see, contact her at her web site. 

For clarification purposes, I was not paid in any way to bring my birds, with the possible exception of being allowed to post some of the images.  Also, it is clearly understood that no image will be used for any commercial purposes, other than demonstrating the skill of the photographer and her work.

There was a very beautiful model involved.

I got some really nice pictures of Kali before I released her.

Wyvern was looking a little rough in the feather department, even though she has yet to start her molt.

It is simply amazing what a very expensive camera can capture, especially in the hands of a skilled photographer.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


Recently I gave an educational talk to one of the local 4-H groups.  My mailman has been wanting me to come out for some time to do this . . . finally we got a day coordinated.  The kids were very interested, and asked some good questions.  Thanks to all of you for being a great audience!