Thursday, April 28, 2016

Because it is Time

I've not posted for awhile, because I really didn't have much to post.  It is time to put something bright and cheerful at the top of my page.

Rich and I have made several visits to the Raptor Center, because Wyvern has had several visits as we treat, and eventually amputate her toe. Wednesday, 4/27/16 was that day. We brought her to the Center and left her, then went to visit the Como Conservatory to pass the time.

The indoor Sunken Garden was getting a re-fit on this day, but previously we've been there to catch the Spring Show.  Today, also, the Japanese Garden is coming to life, and some of the gardeners were out trimming the trees and cleaning up the fallen leaf debris.

They have a collection of Bonsai.  Several are in bloom.

Spring is arriving!  I always love this time of year . . . until the bugs wake up.

Wyvern did fine with her quick surgery. Thankfully, as of this writing, she is leaving her bandages alone.  It will be good to finish up, and get her feet all healed up.