Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Pictures from Norway

Finally . . . we are getting some of the pictures that Lars took with his far more sophisticated photography equipment. After all . . . he is a film school instructor! I like this picture best of all . . . with Rich and I posing as adventurers overlooking the snowy peaks. I'll probably post a few more once we download them and look them over. Thanks Lars!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Beginnings

On Saturday, August 14 I traveled to Peoria, IL to see my niece's wedding. She is such a lovely bride . . . and she looks just like my sister, Jennefer, as I remember her when she was the same age.
The Bride and her Father.
The Bride and her Mother.
The Bride's Sister, Sarah, who was the Bride's Maid.
The Bride and her "Court".
My sister Jennefer and her husband, Jim . . . Proud Parents of the Bride.
A glance over the shoulder by the Bride. The makeup to cover her tattoo wasn't as effective as she hoped.
Escaping the church . . . headed to the reception, through a barrage of bubbles. The Wedding Party
The Bride (Erica) and the Groom (Sean) after a quiet moment after their vows.
Unity Candle with Flowers