Monday, April 30, 2018

Sisters Visit

On the weekend of April 20th, 21st and 22 my sisters came to visit.  My sister Jennefer, in the middle above, has been to my home many times.  This was the first visit from my sister Janet, on the right.  She lives in Texas and is not very cold tolerant.  We had a rather nice weekend for their visit, weather wise, even though we had gotten many inches of snow just the week prior, but the Spring sunshine was abundant and the snow was quickly melting.

We started our visit by taking my sisters with my husband and Pat, my mother-in-law, to the Farmhouse, a quaint little restaurant in Caledonia.  We then actually came to the Hanson farmhouse.

Janet got the full farm treatment for her visit.  She got to hug a chicken . . .

Rich and I posed for our own version of American Gothic.

Janet got to feed a baby calf . . .

While they were in town, Rich was sure to have them try the local beverage, old time soda pop made and bottled right in Rich's home town, Spring Grove.

Later that afternoon we brought them to the International Owl Center in Houston, MN.  We are all "startled" by this giant owl.

It is actually a prop that people can hold and get their picture taken, and look like they are holding one of the ambassador owls.  Actually, only the staff of the Center touch the birds.  The prop is also not to scale.  I could only imagine how much an owl that size would weigh.

We got to our home and got everyone settled in.  We were then kindly hosted for dinner by my apprentice, Foxfeather and her husband, Roman.  Fox recently acquired something she played in school and has been seeking for herself for a long time.  How many people have a marimba in their home?  Well, Fox does!  Here all three of us are tinkering together.

The next day we started our adventures by doing something that Janet enjoys doing, going antique shopping.  At one of the shops in our little town of St. Charles, Jennefer found the perfect item she has been searching for.  She will decorate these antlers with flower and hang it over her fireplace.  However, we could not resist her showing off her "rack", which we texted to her husband.

After hitting up the antique stores in my town, we headed down the road to Winona.  Of course, when you have out-of-town guests you have to bring them to Bloedow's Donuts.  They are outstanding!!

Each of us getting our dose of sugar.

Jennefer and Janet both have been following a more prudent and healthier eating plan, but for this day donuts were allotted in the meal plan.

After visiting a few stores in Winona, we travelled up the river to Lake City.

After stops at the Lark Toy Store and a drive by of the Eagle Center, we went as far North as Red Wing, where we stopped for lunch.

This included visiting the giant boot at the Red Wing outlet.

By this time it was getting on in the afternoon and stores were closing, so we made our way back home.

The following day Rich helped Janet get her Viking on, along with a couple of fearsome war dogs (not!)

Before they headed back on the road to Iowa where Jennefer lives, we stopped down the road at the Amish Market.  Janet was fascinated by the Amish in our area, and wanted a picture next to one of their buggies.

It was a very nice few days, and always good to see my sisters.