Thursday, November 12, 2015

Calm Before the Storm

On Wednesday morning I got off from work, not having to work again that night so didn't go to sleep, and with a winter storm on its way, scheduled to arrive after noon, took the birds out for a little morning hunting.  Sassy brought 2 bunnies to the bag in really quite a quick fashion.

Flint came along.  This is what he does, especially if I have someone else in the field.  Rich was with me this morning.  He (Flint) just comes along.  He's not hunting, but hopefully he is watching, and learning.

A successful morning!

A little later we took Wyvern out.  Still no bunny for her, but she did catch three mice.  Again, not exactly our target quarry, but it is good food for a hawk, and she caught it herself, and came to the lure when that was all done.  She needs to learn to get up higher in the trees.  She wants to hunt very close to the ground.  Hopefully, once I get Sassy flying with her, she'll take a higher perch to have a better chance at the bunnies.

Here is a video of the two catches for Sassy.  We were in some pretty heavy cover, so can't really see a whole lot, but it is what it is.

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