Tuesday, December 1, 2015

No Motors, and Houseguests

I think we can safely say we can comply with this rule.

I discovered on Sunday that we will not have a "C Team".  I tried to fly all the birds together.  Flint immediately started attacking Wyvern and trying to chase her off.  I separated them, and put Wyvern away to fly later.  With time maybe I could fly all three . . . but keeping track of all three is a bit of work.  Sassy would go ahead and catch her second bunny on this day.  Still, no contributions from the other two, but I think Wyvern is getting close.  She is actively chasing anything we kick up.  It is only a matter of time.

Earlier in the day Sassy gave a great show for a nice couple who were house guests in my home over the weekend.  She scooped up this bunny right in front of everyone.  I'm glad Marc and Jamey got to see it.  I met them through a web site I participate in, Couchsurfing.  I've invited them to return, maybe next summer, and bring all their kids.  We could make it a raptor weekend, and go see the Owls at the Houston International Owl Center and the Eagles at the National Eagle Center in Waubasha.

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