Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We Are So Close!

I've been flying Sassy and Wyvern together a lot lately.  Wyvern flies better with her, and Sassy is successful in catching bunnies.  Wyvern is stepping up her efforts, and is so very close to getting entered to bunnies.  I've seen her crash down just behind several slips.  It is just a matter of time.  I'll continue to fly this "B Team" as much as my schedule will allow, and hope soon to have Wyvern catch her first bunny with me.  I don't know what she was doing in the wild, but I do know she is quite accomplished at catching mice.  She's done that quite regular when we are out flying.

You gotta love Harris Hawks.  Both these girls come right back to the car without being called when the hunt is over.  Above the sun was going down, and a light snow was accumulating on my car.  Both birds arrived to the car before Rich and I could get there, as if to say: "Can we go now?"

The brush pile above did not produce any rabbits, but Sassy joined Wyvern looking for mice.
A nice profile of Sassy on one of the many piles of junk we encounter on our hunting trips.  Recently I've been doing a lot of door knocking and getting permission on new land.  Mostly, people are welcoming and think what we are doing is neat.  Generally, people don't care much about bunnies, and prefer they not be in the yard eating their gardens and expensive landscape plants.  This is to our advantage.  It's funny how there is more concern for squirrels, and yet they are more likely to do damage to property.

Coming soon . . . a quick flight on a single bunny, produced after an hour slog on an old farm yard.  The girls should have picked this bunny off, but an advantageous "Christmas" tree provided just enough cover to rake the pursuing hawk off.  Merry Christmas bunny!

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