Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Been Hot!!

Not much to blog about right now, mostly because it's just too hot to go outside and do anything.


I'm actually glad that I don't have a hawk in my mews right now, to worry about keeping cool and hydrated.

I will have an interesting post, I hope, in the near future.  Rich found an item on an auction site recently for me, and I backed him up with the finances to win the final bid.  It's a falconry project to be worked on, once it stops being in the high 90's, with a humidity that pushes us into the 110s heat index wise.  I'm excited by the possibilities . . . but don't want to reveal anything about it here, yet, until I have some progress.  There is some dirty, sweaty work in the near future, but I think I'm going to have something fabulous when I'm done.

Come back!

Until then, stay inside and keep cool!

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