Sunday, November 15, 2009

Who Are You??

I observed this evening an interesting behavior which I have noticed in at least one of my previous hawks. After a shower, I wrap my hair up in a towel. Sometimes when not in a hurry I'll wear the towel for awhile, before combing out my hair. I was doing that this evening, when I decided to put the hawk to bed in his giant hood, here inside the house. He's been on his inside perch for a couple hours. As I approached him to untie his leash, his entire attitude was one of fear and a lack of recognition. I'm beginning to be able to approach him, to touch him, without this reaction. The only difference this evening was the towel on my head. It's interesting to see this reaction. This just re-enforces the fact that hawks rely almost entirely on their vision. They recognize specific details of my face, and changes to that face. I wonder if male falconers have noticed any kind of difference if they trained a bird sporting a beard, and then cut it off.

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