Thursday, September 2, 2010

A New Falconry Season . . . .

It is the beginning of September. On Monday my transfer license arrived . . . so I am now legal to practice falconry in the State of Minnesota. I have already received two Federal markers. Trap season is already (strangely) on for this state. I'm used to it not starting (in both Wisconsin and Texas) until the middle of September. This makes sense to me . . . as I'm not seeing any juvenile hawks in the area. I have been checking the totals of the HawkWatch station in Duluth. This will indicate to me when the real push of migration will be on from out of Canada. The Sharp-Shinned Hawks are already on the move, as are the Broadwing Hawks and American Kestrels. These are some of the first raptor species to stream past the counting station. The Red-Tailed hawks won't get moving until later in September. I have a long block of time coming up here in less than a week. I expect Rich and I will plan a roadtrip . . . . and go searching for my new hunting partner. I'm excited!! I need to pull my trap out and look it over. It may need a little work. I already have a tank and supplies ready for the rat bait animal I'll purchase very soon. After I have a new bird, I'm thinking about having a new hood made as well. This blog has been far too long away from the purpose for which it was created . . . writing about falconry. Soon we begin anew! On a somewhat different note . . . this upcoming weekend we are having the 'reception' for our wedding. We are hosting our friends and family for a hog roast picnic. The hog arrived today . . . on the hoof. Probably on Thursday she will be butchered. On Friday night she goes into the roaster. The weather promises to be perfect! It should be a lot of fun.

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