Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Returning to the Wild

On Tuesday March 29th, on a nice sunny spring day, Bailey was given his freedom to return to his wild life. He was released overlooking a nice valley not far from the Mississippi river. This was on the land of Justin, my soon-to-be first apprentice. Bailey weighed in at 1200 grams!! He has been flown at around 865 grams. I could not feel any keel on him . . . he has a lot of energy stores just in case it takes him a few days to get his bearings on being on his own again . . . but he's always been a good mouser, and I know this valley has mice, as he caught three there on the previous fall.

He continued to sit in that very spot for an hour, before finally flying off into the woods.

Good Bye Bailey! Have a Good Life!

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