Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bubble Tea

On Saturday I took a road trip and met up with my girlfriend who lives in the Necedah, Wisconsin area (where I used to live) and took her to Madison for the Farmer's Market, and a little gratuitous economic stimulation (shopping).  On my list of things to do while in that college town was to hunt down a place that serves "Bubble Tea" and give it a try.  I heard about this on an NPR show, This American Life.  I asked myself . . . "Self . . . What the heck is Bubble Tea?"  So, the Internet filled me in.

Bubble Tea

The Internet then also helped me find a place where I could explore this libation.  Here is a link to the tea shop I found, and a very nice article about the owners.

Jade Mountain

I chose a black tea with mango.  It was a slushy, cold concoction, sweet, though I'm unsure of where the sweetness came from, as I didn't have to add anything to it.  Floating at the bottom are big, black, squishy tapioca balls.  That's the intriguing part of this drink.  It was tasty!  It was fun!  I'll have to try it again sometime, a different flavor, and maybe next time have some pot stickers.

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