Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Professional Photo Shoot

Today we were invited to be the guest of Barbara O'Brien , a professional photographer, as well as her friend Michael Karns , another professional photographer who lives in the Twin Cities.  Soon they have indicated I will be able to link to some of their work that was created today.  For now, I've got a few nice pictures that my own personal photographer, Richard, took to document our day.  You can link to their respective pages above by clicking on their names.  Both had very nice cameras . . . especially Michael!  You can get really nice pictures when you have an expensive, high-end camera.  Maybe some time in the future I'll have to invest in a nice gift for my personal photographer.  I don't think I'll be purchasing a camera that requires a $10K lense (like Michael had) but an upgrade might be appreciated.
Sassy is a fatty, fed up as she has been, as she's been dropping lots of downy feathers, so was just flown on creance except for the last flight to the lure.  However she still gave a great show once we convinced her to stop trying to fly to the little tree we were near by.  She's so very calm, and let the cameras get right up into her face.  It was a very nice, warm day, with beautiful sunlight in the open field.  Her warm brown desert colors were nice against the yellow winter corn field.  Later, Hit Girl looked nice with the soft snow reflected light under the tree canopy.
Michael looks like a natural with the rustic barn in the background.  They both look like they belong together, further out west somewhere, like Montana, or Nebraska.
I finished Sassy's session off by calling her to the lure, untethered.

We then went to another location, with trees, and hunted Hit Girl, even though we didn't find anything, except a vole, which she caught and gulped down.

Thank You Barbara for photographing the girls!  And Thank You Michael for coming along too.  I look forward to seeing your work!

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