Saturday, September 29, 2012

Photos by Lyn

On one of my visits to the Houston Nature Center this previous summer, during Hoedown Days, we met LynRae Howard.  She took some nice pictures of Sassy, and was willing to let me post them here.  Thank You Lyn!!
Here is Sassy sitting on her indoor bow perch. She's looking quite spiffy with her fresh set of feathers.
We also went outside for a few pictures under the bright Summer Sunshine.
What a Lovely Girl!
Sassy is sitting sassy on Karla's arm.  Karla is the naturalist that works at the Houston Nature Center.  Karla is the keeper of Alice, the Great Horned Owl.  Go visit them both some day.
Alice was not too happy about that OTHER raptor's presence in HER Nature Center!

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