Thursday, October 11, 2012

First Bunny

I've been slowly bringing Sassy's weight down to get going with the new season.  I've not been in a terrible big hurry, as the trees are still fairly well leafed, and the fields very brushy.  Also, I have a new house that I should be moving my stuff into.  Her weight is still not ideal.  She could loose an additional 50 grams or more, but she is safe enough to fly.  I think the best way to get into her lean athlete body is to fly, and to hunt.  We've taken a few flights recently, but nothing serious.  She has caught a small rat and a mouse on these flights.  Today I wanted to give her a serious chance at something bigger.  We visited one of the many small sites I know of . . . . this one being an old abandoned tree farm.  The fields surrounding have been harvested, so bunnies should be hiding in the brushy field.  It's a tricky field, because in the past when trees were removed, they just left the holes, which are covered in grass now.  Great for clumsy short-legged falconers to fall into!  In the winter it can be just a little harder to see the holes, but a lot less dangerous to fall into them, being cushioned by the snow.  We worked the field, and I was surprised to not see too much activity, but there are just so many places to hide right now.  Finally, after about 45 minutes or so we must have flushed a bunny . . . we never saw it . . . but Sassy launched herself from her tree perch, flew with purpose over the field, did a wing-over, crashed . . . and bunny cry!  First bunny of the season. 

Way to Go Sassy!!

I'm currently also working on bringing Hit Girl down.  She can not be flown free unless absolutely at weight.  She has a way to go, but we'll get there, and then she too will be out whacking rabbits and squirrels.

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