Friday, March 15, 2013

New Mexico

Rich and I will have to plan for a trip to New Mexico this fall.  I was aware of their raptor take lottery, and wanted to submit for this year, but forgot all about it.  A Facebook note from my friend, Sharon, who is a falconer who lives in New Mexico reminded me.  Also, she indicated there were still 3 permits available to take a Harris Hawk after the lottery had been conducted this year.  I contacted their Game and Fish officer yesterday, and after transmitting some payment information and faxing a form, I have in my hand a permit to take an eyas or passage Harris Hawk, my choice, anytime between April 1 of this year and January 15 of next year.  WooHooooo!!

I have much to do before going to New Mexico . . . lots of details to arrange.  However, I'm sure it is going to be an adventure . . . a fun one.  Hey, and I might be able to get Rich and myself a balloon ride.  Among her many other talents, Sharon is a Hot Air Balloon pilot.  How cool is that!!

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