Saturday, April 12, 2014

It Begins!

I have been running full spectrum lighting in Sassy's mew for about a month.  Today I found her first molted feather.  This looks like a #10 primary, on the right.  That would be a normal first feather to fall.  I would like her to move through the molt and be ready to go when the season opens this next fall.  She has been her normal, cranky off-season self.  I've also been helping her build up a nest . . . with me doing most of the work.  I wonder if she'll lay an egg.  I'll only check when I have food to distract her.

(BTW . . . this picture taken after I got home from a 12-hour shift, and a fairly busy one at that.  I look tired!)

(Three days later, I found the matching #10 primary, on the left.)

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