Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Own Garden

A few flowers in my own garden have been blooming.  Last year I planted this Clematis, and it came back in all of its glory this year.  I also have a Hydrangea which I had to cut down to the ground, but it is coming back now.  A couple of my Peonies are blooming . . . until the rain of the last week took them out.  This year I added a Lilac bush, and going for a second time with a potted Fig Tree.  I killed the one last year rather quickly, and quite unintentionally.  This one looks like it is doing OK.  It will come inside in the fall when it starts to get too cold.
Wild Phlox is blooming (was blooming until the week of rain) across the street, outside the Sinclair Cemetery.
I love Spring, but it lasts so very briefly.  All too quickly it moves into the hot, sticky and buggy Summer.

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