Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Name Change

The kitten has integrated into the household just fine.  She and Monty roughhouse all the time.  Richard re-named her.  "Purza" just wasn't working.  He has started to call her "Clawdette" . . . and it fits!  She's just a ball of fangs and claws.  Monty seems to put up with it.  He gives as good a mauling as he receives.


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog, I am currently an apprentice and we have a Red Tail this year. I have a strong interest in the Kestrel but am being met with all negative from the Falconry community in my area. I am aware of the cautions with this bird and extra care involved but I am still very interested. I have had a hard time finding blogs or websites dedicated to just Kestrels, any ideas on how I can learn as much as possible about this bird as no one in my area has one?

  2. Responding to the Anonymous comment above, Thank You for reading my blog. Responding to your questions is hard in this format, for your Anonymous status does not give me an e-mail. You are encouraged to contact me either through e-mail or on Facebook. As to your question, there are several blogs linked on the left of my page to kestrel related sites, as well as a few in the 'favorite sites' listing. may give you some links and information. A quick search by me on Facebook using the words 'kestrel falconry' found a few hits. I am linked to a few ladies on one of my women falconers Facebook pages. If you contact me and give me a idea of where you live, perhaps I could see if anyone lives near and would be willing to talk with you on the subject. Sometimes finding information and pursuing falconry is not always easy, but the quest for information makes the journey worthwhile!