Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Back to Falconry

I know I've been blogging about all the things in my life non-falconry, as the summer progresses, and feathers slowly are replaced. But it is now really time to get back to falconry.

How about we'll start off by making introductions.

This is Flint!
After I lost Wasp I had resigned myself to just flying Sassy this season, and maybe go ahead and trap a new red tailed hawk. Life sometimes gives you a surprise.

I am a member of a group on Facebook called Women Falconers. Another member posted a message a little while ago, looking to find a new home and falconer to transfer her second year captive raised Harris Hawk. She does not have a warm mew, and did not want to have him in her living room another winter. It was a perfect opportunity to use my spare warm mew. After all, what would a red tail need a warm mew for?  It would just contribute to a more difficult time trying to manage her weight.

This male Harris Hawk flies just a little heavier than Wasp. He comes with a few 'issues'. So far I've been working to win over his confidence. With food, that hasn't been too hard. However, he does not like to be hooded. Also, thus far, he thinks Rich is scary. I am also told that he will not hunt bunnies. Well, my work is cut out for me. But how could I say 'No'? He was free! I only had to go get him, arranging to transfer him in Madison, Wisconsin, and only had to pay the vet visit to get the health certificate needed to bring him into Minnesota.

He came with the name "Bam Bam". He was previously owned by another woman falconer of my acquaintance who was trained by Dave. I don't care for the name, and since hawks don't respond to a name, I could easily change it. Because I will be having to work to 'reshape' him, and also because the name Bam Bam made me think of the Flintstones, the name Flint stuck in my head. Thus, that will be his name.

Currently, I still need to zero in on his flight weight. He was doing OK for awhile, but then became erratic in the field on creance when Rich was present. I don't dare release him right now as I fear he would fly away. Eventually I'd like him to fly with Sassy. Perhaps with her leading by example, he'll learn what a male Harris Hawk is supposed to be doing. Hunting bunnies should be fairly high on that 'to do' job list.

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