Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Rainy Bunny Catch

There was a steady misty rain / snow shower all day.  Rich and I took Kali to the park in Spring Grove, to test her on squirrels.  That park, which is normally teaming with tree rats, was rather quiet today, they all staying inside their warm nests.  A few were pushed around, but not many to test Kali's willingness to go after them.  She did chase a few, down into the creek (of course) where it is a heck of a lot harder for the humans to follow.

We then relocated up the park some to a brushy area that sometimes has rabbits. Sure enough, Rich popped one out, and I watched her pursue it from a distance, towards me, beyond me, down the creek bed, and whack it as it tried to run up the other side.  Everything is covered in a steady cold rain, so slippery.  It didn't hinder her at all to bringing her second bunny to the bag.  I'm loving this girl!

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  1. Loving your blog - thanks for posting the great photos and hawking information :-)