Friday, February 10, 2017

I Had Just Planned to Take a Walk

We seem to have come out of a rather cold stretch of winter.  The forecast is for much warmer days, which will melt away a lot of our snow.  It is only February, so the potential for more snow is always possible, but I am hopeful when this white crap melts.

I have found this winter to be a little more challenging than years past.  I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my left knee, and I share the same pain in several other joints, so probably arthritis there too.  Getting out into the cold has been difficult, and the coldest days I just have not been able to motivate myself to go out.  The birds have suffered some from this.

Friday turned into a really nice afternoon.  After sleeping a few hours, because I had worked the previous night, I packed up the birds and went in search of hawking opportunities.  For Wyvern, I chose a location which can produce a bunny or two, in years past, but for which I did not have a whole lot of expectations.  My goal was mostly to take a nice walk with her and let her fly, and maybe find a mouse or two.  Well, much to my surprise, this location produce slip after slip.  Wyvern has not caught a whole lot of bunnies in her career, but today she made it look pretty easy.  She has certainly learned that it is worth her effort to chase them, because sometimes if she tries hard, she catches them.

I then changed locations and flew Kali.  Her outing did turn into just exercise, with a few unsuccessful slips.  Flying both birds got me out and moving, and loosening up some stiff joints.  On the way home I stopped and picked up a couple of tasty sub sandwiches from a favorite small-town family-owned business.  It was a nice bonus to a good afternoon out with the birds.

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