Thursday, November 16, 2017

Today Rich and I took both Harris Hawks out and flew them as a cast for the first time this year.  Shortly out of the box, Flint decided to assert his dominance over Wyvern, which she seemed to accept.  She would go on and frequently take low branches, or even walk around on the ground.

I picked a spot that has quite a few bunnies and knew there would be several slips for them to chase, which there was.  As we moved down the path, finally I popped out a bunny and Flint dropped down from his high perch to snag his second catch of the year, of all time with me.  Wyvern quickly joined him, which is GREAT, because that way bunnies won't be able to kick off little Flint.  He is rather a small guy, flying at 635 grams.  After the catch, it was just a mad flappy ball of Harris Hawk wings over the bunny until Rich made it to our happy huddle and took a picture.  I then moved the party out onto the path.

What followed was some feeding of Wyvern, but not too much, then hooding, then calling Flint back in, as he went up a tree to pout for awhile.  He then got to eat all the best warm parts of the bunny before he was traded off, hooded, and we made our way back to the car.

Things are looking great for the HH team!

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