Friday, February 23, 2018

Pictures from Recent Hunts

Ruby is really starting to click with this whole falconry thing.  She is following great and fly-offs don't happen as much anymore.  I think she has started to figure it out that she needs to stay nearby me, as I'm the one kicking up the game.  Most times when I do, she catches it.  She is not the biggest bird I have ever flown, but apparently that doesn't matter.  She is flying at about 1040 grams, and that is plenty big to bring the game to the bag.  It is quite possible that "she" may be a "he".  The weight on this bird is solidly in the "tweener" range.  Either way, the hunting season is quickly coming to an end, and she has certainly done her part to put some chow into the freezer for the off season.

I really do wish the falconry season was longer at the end of it.  March in Minnesota is still plenty cold, and there is snow on the ground, and more to come this weekend.  My bird is hot, and it all comes to a stop within a couple days.  I definitely plan to keep this bird through the summer molt and see what she can do next year.

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