Thursday, July 22, 2010

Barn Quilts

Houston County, where I am living, in the South-East corner of Minnesota has begun a barn beautification / tourist project. Several landowners have consented to have some colorful "Barn Quits" placed on their classic (and sometimes not so classic) barns. Out of curiosity, I've started to look for several of them and will take pictures. I may not quest to find them all, but some will make for a nice post . . . . while I am still bird-less. Speaking of birds . . . the chicken chicks are growing and thriving. I should post about them soon too! As best I could, I have framed these objects when I took the picture . . . however these are all on private land, so the view is from the road. Some give a very quaint slice of Country . . . as many of the structures they are attached to are working barns . . . sometimes complete with farm animals. This sunflower quilt is quite distant from the road . . . I do like the look of the tall corn all around! And speaking of chickens . . . here they are! It's hard to capture all 7 of them in the same frame, they move and run a lot. Currently, my husband and his brother and father are making them a "Chicken Tractor" . . . . which really is going to turn out to be more of a "Chicken Palace" . . . it's quite a bit larger than most of the designs I've seen. But my girls can not run free . . . the farm has too many dangers that would end their lives quick, so they will have to live caged. However they are getting an enclosure that can be moved around the yard and grassy areas, so they can sort of free range, in a safe fashion.

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