Monday, October 18, 2010

Flying Free . . . in just three weeks!

Today, Monday October 18, just three weeks out of the trap, I took Bailey out for his first real test flying free, with the hope we might flush a bunny underneath him. We went to a location which is reported to me has being 'bunny-rich' . . . but we just didn't flush any. Bailey kept near me pretty well, and was very responsive to the lure at the end of our hunt. He did crash down a couple times on what I think may have been mouse sitings, but no mouse was found after each crash, unless he gulped them down quick. It was a good first full free flight, and I returned home with my bird at the end of it all. We have been doing free flying creance flights the last two days, but those were in an open field. Today I walked among trees, and he took good high perches, as you can see above. We were followed into the field by Rich's cousin, Adam, and one of his three boys, Morgan. They enjoyed crashing through the brush with us trying to find bunnies. Where we walked today was full of burdock. I hate burdock! Usually its presence means bunnies . . . though that did not prove true today. Instead, Rich and I just got coated in them. Adam and Morgan didn't push through the burdock with us. Above is my Burdock Man! Here I am after the hunt, with my bird safely returned to me, and filled up with a good meal. I too have lots of burdock on me, but I had pulled most of the burrs prior to the picture. I look forward to good times this winter with this little guy. He's flying at 865 grams, though he was just a little heavier than that today. Now I just have to find the bunnies. I hope they are not as hard to find as they were down in Texas.

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