Sunday, October 3, 2010


At the end of tonight's training session Bailey jumped to the glove. It was a small jump, as the first one usually is, but it is a threshold in the training that must be overcome to continue the training. The bird is learning that the glove is a safe place to perch, and that doing so gives him a food reward. One week post trapping (today is Day 6) and he is jumping to the fist . . . albeit a hesitant first hop . . . but it is a start. We can now communicate to each other . . . the basic vocabulary is established. He says "I'm hungry" . . . and with a whistle, I'm telling him, "I know you are hungry . . . I have food for you . . . come to me and I'll give it to you!" Above is a picture in his mews, looking out the window. Hopefully soon I can get to a point that I can house him in his mews and not have to tether him to the perch. It's called 'free lofting' and is best for the bird, as long as they are not throwing themselves against the window to get out.

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