Friday, February 4, 2011

Hawk on Ice

The last few days have been punctuated with fairly high winds.  On Thursday it got into the high 20s, so the wind was not as biting.  Rich and I flew Bailey at the old tree nursery.  Our snow shoes made working that field a lot easier, but it was still tough.  He had one single flush, a bunny which he almost caught.  It reached the tree line just as he did, raking him off.  Any further bunnies in that field, and there was plenty of sign they were there, were tucked down deep holes.  I stomped several, but no one volunteered to come out and play.

This morning Bailey opted to sit in the snow rather than on top of his tall perch.  The sun is shining, but the wind is still brisk.  So, he was moved into his mews.  Tomorrow is the Wisconsin Falconer's Meet.  It is forecast to be in the high 20s with only about a 5 mph wind.  For you folks down South . . . that's GOOD falconry weather!  I'm going . . . Rich is coming . . . and a whole bunch of people are joining us to see the Wisconsin falconers fly their birds.  There will be many pictures to follow, and hopefully interesting tales!

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