Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Fricken Cold Our There!!

Was going to hawk today.  We even got everything together, got into the truck, and went to the place I wanted to hunt, about 15 minutes away.  We passed a sturdy Amish buggy . . . I'd definitely not want to be Amish in this weather!  In fact, I can't think of ANY reason why I would want to be Amish!!  When we got to the place I wanted to fly, we got out, and I caught my breath.  It's above 0, but the wind is picking up . . . and I decided then and there I just really wasn't serious about hunting today.  My bird has never flown away . . . but he could end up doing that today whether he meant to or not . . . very high winds.  The farm is protected in a patch of trees and I didn't realize exactly how much the wind was blowing.  I took Bailey home and fed him up.  Tomorrow doesn't promise to be any better.  Minnesota is north of the blizzard that is hitting South of here, and pushing Eastward . . . but we are still catching some of the wind.  Sounds to me like a good day and night to stay home.

My bud in Illinois is in the "You Should Buy Liquor" portion of the map above.  I also stole this image from her posting on Facebook.  It's nice being North of all that and being able to sit back and watch and not worry that we'll have a lot of digging out to do tomorrow.  Of course, on the farm, I never dig anything out.  That's what farmers are for . . . and winter farm toys.
Enjoy the Blizzard everyone!!

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