Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Earth Day (one day late)

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

Frequently, when I have time, I like to just surf around, and discover new blogs.  Some that catch my eye I link to for frequent visits.  This AM I came across the video above.  Click it and watch it in full screen.  It is quite beautiful.  If you would like to read about the creator or where it came from, check on this link.

It is one day post Earth Day (I worked yesterday so no time for computer play).  OK, it is also one day post Good Friday . . . but that is no longer a part of my life or practice.  The family is getting together tomorrow for a big Easter feast, and cleaning of the house has been a week long project for my MIL.  I'm soon about to contribute by bringing the bathroom to a state closer to hygiene and order.  It has been a cold and wet April.  However, looking out the window, the grass is greener (the snow melted) and the pear tree buds are threatening to burst forth soon . . . very soon. Spring is coming on slow windy feet this year.

Regardless of your views . . . it is a beautiful world we live in!  The news is filled with human stories of violence and death and environmental degradation.  Whether you believe in climate change or not really doesn't matter . . . . observation, in my humble opinion, says it is happening.  The world will go on without us if it has to.  If we push the envelope too much, a sustainable environment comfortable to support us may evaporate from our grasp.  Maybe not for many years to come . . . some things take time.  Many beautiful things and life forms could be lost . . . but the world will go on, evolving, changing, and bringing forth new life, without us.  Some day sentient roaches may believe they are quite beautiful, and the epitome of what their god had in mind when 'he' made the universe.  **grin**

I'd like to think we could get our proverbial 'shit together' and solve our energy problems, our population problems, our pollution problems.  When we stop arguing and fighting and killing over whose world 'god' intended this to belong to, maybe we could come together as the whole family of 'Earth's Children' . . . both human and all it's myriad lifeforms . . . and accept that it is OUR world.  If we don't care about it, and nurture it, and preserve our nice warm, watery home . . . no one will.

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