Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I mean . . . REALLY!!  Not to be rude, but WTF!!!!
It's April 19th, and all the snow has been melted for about a month . . . until today.  We even got a bit the other day, but it melted during the day.  This stuff just keeps piling up.  I dunno . . . there is probably 5 or 6 inches, maybe more out there.  It is heavy and wet, and I had a hard time getting up the driveway to go check my mail in town.  I have to get up and drive in this in the AM.  It will probably be a long drive in . . . SIGH!!
The farm has had a fairly large flock of red-winged blackbirds that returned in the last couple weeks.  I think they are confused about the snow.  They have been visiting our bird feeder all day.  Recently I made a sparrow trap, but it is not being used today, as a lot of native birds are seeking food right now.  It's an awful lot of little black jobs . . . . red-winged blackbirds, brown-headed cowbirds, grackles, with a few odd starlings thrown in.  All untrappable, well, except for the starlings!  All the farm sparrows have been hanging out over at the shop today . . . and I'm not inclined to hang out over there in the snow to catch them.  I know late snowfall in the Upper Midwest is not far from normal, but that doesn't mean I have to LIKE it!!
 I took the picture above a little later.  This is overlooking the pear tree, up close, the grape arbor, in the middle, and the apple tree in the back.  The apple tree looks like it is covered in lots of little, black feathery, cold apples, who are wondering where spring went.  I'm wondering the same thing.

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