Thursday, May 26, 2011

KRAP Update

The nest boxes, as placed by the Kestrel Residential Accommodation Partnership, have been out for awhile, and of the six that were made, we placed 4 of them.  Two were given / donated, and I don't know what happened to them.  One was given to the Houston Nature Center . . . so I should ask where they put it up.

I checked them over from a distance the last couple days . . . and our residents are as follows:

1 Yellow-Shafted Flicker (also called Northern Flicker) at the Wisconsin site
1 Eastern Bluebirds . . . I mean really . . . it's a very spacious box for them, but that is what moved in

2 boxes of Starlings

I'm going to have to decide and act on the Starlings.  I might wait and steal the babies when they are fully feathered, and keep and use them for kestrel training this fall.  Either way . . . it's 50% good native birds who will be unmolested, and allowed to finish their nesting cycle, and 50% crap birds who won't . . . and 100% NO KESTRELS.

The boxes may need to be up for at least a year for the kestrels to find them.  Either way, glad they are being used.

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