Friday, June 3, 2011

A Really Good Video

During my time as an apprentice, I got the chance to meet Danny Denham, who lives in Kentucky. He is very best friends with Dave Noble, my former sponsor. I stumbled across this video, and find it to be a very quality demonstration of the kind of hawking I do . . . hunting with a red tailed hawk. The equipment all looks like mine, and even some of the terms (rebooting the hawk after a catch, for a second attempt) as these were all things I heard Dave say when he was training me.

On YouTube this video has been "Adult Contented" . . . although why, I don't know. There is no foul language, nor blood. Maybe just because it is hunting.

It is a quality demonstration of a dedicated falconer. Dave told me that Danny drives a truck for half the year, hard . . . then takes the winter off, and hawks, hard! A very dedicated falconer!

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