Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Telemetry Decisions

I'm thinking about buying new telemetry for this upcoming season.  I currently have two of the same brand of leg mounted transmitters, one of which is now dead, dead, dead.  The other is showing some signs that it wants to go the same way.  Because of this I'm motivated to try a different brand of transmitter, and take this opportunity to explore mounting other than on the leg.  The most complicated, yet apparently most effective method is through installation of a "back pack".  I'm not certain if there are any competition models, but I'm researching the Marshall Track Pack.  Here are a couple videos that demonstrate how to put it on the bird.

As a side note . . . I must say I am completely impressed with the tiercel they used as the model.  Sometimes he almost looks stuffed, he sits so very calmly while this whole procedure is taking place.

Track Pack Installation 1

Track Pack Installation 2

Here is a photographic demonstration from Marshall.

I'm planning to take a small falcon this season, as well as a red tailed hawk.  It will be either a kestrel, or if I am lucky with my bow netting efforts, a merlin.  (Here is a nice, short and well filmed video on merling training.)  However, I'm thinking it would be wise for me to work with the kestrel first, with the goal of getting the merlin in a subsequent year, after the "practice" with the smaller falcon.  Here is a little video with a suggestion for telemetry mounting for a kestrel.

Kestrel Telemetry

Anyone know of a video showing tail mounting, other than just the clamp on, which I saw?  I'm open for suggestions too, if anyone want to e-mail me with them, or their experiences.


  1. I like the track pack myself though I've never bought one. When I used the tail mount my RT pulled out her tail feather in the mews in order to get the mount off of her.

  2. i'm thinking about going for them now i have a telemtery