Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inspiring an Artist

In January 2009 I was able to make a fabulous trip to Peru.  One of the highlights of the visit was being able to meet Jose Antonio Otero Corbetto, and tour his raptor facility, El Huayco.  If you've not found my previous blog, please come visit and view the pictures of the trip here!

This particular blog entry has generated the most comments and requests to contact Jose, and to find out more information about the birds he keeps and breeds.  Recently I was contacted by an artist, Katie Grider, who asked if she could use some of these pictures as inspiration for her art.  Not having any kind of copyright on my pictures, nor any income from them, I didn't mind sharing my work.  Here is the result of her labor, with the inspiring picture following.

Black and White Hawk Eagle

Please come and visit her online store, to either purchase a print of her work, or view her other watercolors.  This is the link.

This is MY original link to my posting about Peru, and specifically my time at El Huayco. Come visit here and here2.

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