Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It Just Isn't Fair!!

Introducing . . . . Annabelle!!

Here is Justin, my first apprentice, showing off possibly the prettiest hawk I've ever had the pleasure to see up close and hold.  It is simply not fair!!  I'm not sure who to complain to.  This is his first ever hawk, and he trapped what appears to be either a Krider's Red Tailed Hawk, or at least a very light phase bird.  When she molts this next year we will know if she is a true Krider's . . . if she keeps the stripes in her tail.

(Your bird is pretty, but maybe we should have considered your shirt when we took pictures, eh Justin?)
I've had 7 hawks, six of them red tailed hawks, and I've never had any bird even remotely close to these colors.  Up until now, I've never even seen a Krider's in the wild, nor in person up close.  He really is lucky to have trapped this bird, just about a mile and a half from his house.  It's just not fair!
Despite some mutes in her tail . . . . Look At That Tail!  The colors are really quite unique!

When she was trapped she had what turned out to be a lot of pine pitch on her feet.  They were absolutely covered, and gave the appearance of more a serious foot condition.  However, a good soaking, and scrubbing, and that all washed clean.  She does have two wounds to her feet, but both I, and my much more experienced friend, Dave, judged them to be clean, and healing well.  Perhaps she got them while hunting squirrels.

She's sitting the fist well, taking tidbits, and even jumped to the fist.  So far, she is very sweet, and shows all the signs of a very delightful first hawk for Justin.

I tease him . . . . and tell him I'm jealous . . . . but really, I'm quite happy for him for trapping this beautiful bird.  He is very enthusiastic about becoming a falconer, and Annabelle should make his first season very enjoyable!



  1. Sooooooo Jealous. I hope he knows how lucky he is. How much did she weigh in at?

  2. I would love to see this bird as an adult, any pictures?