Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome Oona!

Here is my new hawk, Oona.  She was captive bred in 2008, and already an accomplished game hawk.  I picked her up from her previous falconer yesterday at the Minnesota Falconers monthly meeting.  It was nice to meet some new people, and after the meeting we did a little hawking with some of the members who brought their birds.  Oona is finishing up her molt, but I'm told pretty much ready to go.  I'm giving her a day or two to get familiar with her, and she with me, and will probably take her hunting this week.  This morning I got her settled into my RT mews . . . she has her own, which I will be able to keep warm this winter, but it is still under constructed, and not quite finished.  She has had a bath, some breakfast, demonstrated to me that she definitely knows what a lure is, and at this time is catching some rays on my tall perch.  It is nice to have her here.

She came with the name.  I'll decide later if it will stay.  I'm guessing she was named after the willful fairy in the 1985 movie, Legend.

A hawk's heart beats "fierce and free" as well!

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  1. Hello! It was very nice to meet you at petco this weekend. I hope the rat you bought is doing well. What you do sounds amazing! I'm definitely going to do some more reading into falconry. Good luck!