Sunday, January 8, 2012


The other day, on the farm, one of the cows gave birth . . . too early.  The baby was found by one of the farmers, not sure which one.  Baby had been licked clean, but mamma was nowhere nearby . . . nor has any cow been making any fuss since looking for her baby.  The baby is small, for a new calf . . . a preemie, but vigorous.  It has been isolated away into the barn, given a warm, dry bedding area, and is being hand fed.  Most of the other calves are not expected until about mid February to early March. 
It's a cute little baby . . . not sure if it's a heifer calf or a bull calf.  It moos sweetly when you come in,
and gets up and toddles around, wanting attention, and wanting food.
If you offer your fingers, "she" will suck on them!

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