Monday, June 18, 2012

Desert Dreaming

From April 15 through April 18 in 2010 I took a trip to Big Bend State Park, then Big Bend National Park in Texas. I failed to bring my camera, so did not have a set of sharp pictures to blog from, and because I moved to Minnesota shortly after the visit, I never got the chance, or took the time, to blog about the experience. Rich and I are currently entering (daily) for an opportunity to visit again. I realize the possibility of winning the free vacation is minimal at best, but I really would love the chance to go again . . . and to do so at someone else's expense would be even better. So I ask my audience to visualize my visiting again, and capturing pictures so I can paint my own picture of this desolate but beautiful landscape.

Here is a very nice video that I found, which reflects just some of sites and experiences. The desert can be very beautiful, when it is pristine. It is also not always hot, if you time the visit during the winter or early spring. There is also water in the desert, in secret and isolated places. Life thrives in these places. If you are lucky, you can also sometimes visit when the desert is in bloom. I visited at just such a time, when the landscape was alive with the red color of the blooming ocotillo. It was beautiful . . . and I kick myself for forgetting my camera at home.

I'd love to go again!

Here is another video presented by the State of Texas. I camped a night at the Big Bend Ranch, in the desert, all by myself. I think the nearest human was probably several miles away at the park's office. In this video, one of the featured speakers refers to having "a private piece of the Chihuahuan Desert". That is what I had. It even rained the night I was there. I woke in the morning to the fresh crisp smell of a washed desert. The plants give off a wonderful fragrance when they get rain. It was a remembered memory from my childhood.

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