Monday, June 25, 2012

Thinking About Fledging

Some of the nestling kestrels have reached a developmental stage where they realize there is a world outside that round light hole in their world.  At least one of them is starting to hop up and look out at this new world.  Soon it will fly out to join its parents, and continue its development into an independent kestrel.  The others will most likely follow in their turn of hatching as the week progresses.

The view is great from my spotting scope.  Again, it does not translate so well onto my digital camera.  Some day perhaps I'll be able to afford truly nice equipment.  For now, at least I'm able to capture and record what is happening.  Later this week I may try to get closer to the box for a better picture.  After all, these images are being taken from across a corn field, where the fledgling don't even notice me.  Not bad, I guess, judging from the distance.

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