Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Day

The day started off early.  We got up and took care of all the usual morning duties, then headed uptown to cast our votes, this being election day.  There were no long lines for us, but they made us register AGAIN, even though we registered almost as soon as we took possession of our new home, two months ago, and had little cards to prove it.  Our names did not appear on their list.  Makes me wonder when these lists are printed.  Despite being a technologically advanced country, our voting system still seems to be pretty archaic.  After our civic duty was performed we packed up our stuff and headed to the Farm for some laundry, and hawking.
Hit Girl was first up today . . . and was she ever first!  We flew her in the park in Spring Grove.  Upon our arrival we discovered four deer carcases hanging from a tree next to a hunter's camp.  The park in Spring Grove does have a small area for camping, which is usually not used.  This being the start of the deer gun season, some hunters were utilizing it for that purpose.  Their hunts were happening elsewhere, but the results of the hunt were hanging.  The hunters never made an appearance, most likely diligently trying to add to the four on the tree.  Hit Girl eyed the deer some, but was never tempted to go investigate. 

We did launch her at a tree that must have had four or five squirrels in it.  They had been foraging on the ground, but as we proceeded to get the hawk out and geared up, and walked their way, they scampered up.  However, it did them very little good.  Hit Girl was determined she was eating something fresh today.  She engaged the squirrels quickly, and before too many minutes was on the ground with her catch for the day.  I traded her off onto some food on the lure, and decided I would fly her some more because she really had not had enough exercise.  The trade went poorly, and she proceeded to sulk for about 15 minutes, not engaging any more squirrels for that time.  We mostly walked around the park tapping trees for her but she didn't seem too interested.  After awhile the sulking stopped, so like to a teenager they are, and she got back into the game.
Her squirrel catch seemed to be "rappin" that it was "chillin".  Well, it was "chillin" now, being dead.
She really is quite a big girl!  Her temper seems to be somewhat modified this year, as she is not as pushy and aggressive as she was last year, but still having her moments.  We continued the hunt, and after her sulk, we did get in some more squirrel chases and wing workout for her.  A second squirrel was not brought to the bag.  After her hunt we took a quick picture as Rich's brother Brian was along and could catch Rich in with me.

We got Sassy out after Hit Girl, but she made an absolute bee-line towards the hanging deer, and then discovered there was a gut pile in the woods behind it.  It looked like perfectly good food to her!  I was glad the hunters never came around as I had to get near their deer to dissuade Sassy from her goal and bring her back to the fist.  No flying for her on this day.  We fed her and returned to the farm.

The evening was spent watching the results of the election, and finishing up our laundry.  I am pleased with the outcome, for many reasons.  I do not express much if any of my political views here on this blog, and I know my relatives on my side of the family don't care for the outcome . . . but I also know they almost never come out here and read my blog.  I also don't care what they think about me!  I've been an odd duck to my family, and many times to society in general, for a long time.  Thankfully for me I have found a wonderful husband who loves me, despite my obsession for big dangerous birds with sharp beaks and pointy toes, and does not mind the dead bodies in the refrigerator.    ♥  Love ya Rich!! 

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