Saturday, November 3, 2012

She Makes it Look Sooooooooo Easy!

I was off on a rare Friday.  Normally I work just about every Friday, but due to a switch in the schedule with a co-worker I worked on Thursday, and found myself off on the Friday.  Hawking was certainly planned for the day . . . but where??  On the late morning I got a call from Greg, indicating he was also done with his work for the day, and could he come over and see my mews.  Greg has decided that he most definitely wants to pursue his license, and his enthusiasm indicates he may have the drive to accomplish it.  I invited him to come on over, and after showing off my facilities, we headed back to his place with the girls.

Hit Girl got first shot this morning, as she needs the practice.  Greg has a nice stretch of woods, with a good half of it covered in very thick briar and bramble.  We worked that half first, stumbling through the thick raspberry thickets, not flushing any bunnies, but engaging several squirrels, and picking up a goodly number of the pokey seed heads.  See all those dark dots on my white shirt?  As I write this it is about 10 days after this hunt and I still have not plucked all those briars off my shirt.  Greg called me the 'Briar Queen'.  Hit Girl got some pretty good exercise in, and chased several squirrels and crashed brush a few times, but was not successful.  Her weight was good for the day, but not excellent, which may account for the lack of that extra umph that would have made the difference.  After working the brush for about an hour for her we put her up and got Sassy out. 

For Sassy we walked to the other side of his property, where we had flown previously.  We were not long into the trip when we kicked up a bunny.  Sassy was not well placed, but did pursue it as it ran up and over the hill.  We followed, and after a few minutes, and at some distance, she crashed the brush again catching the rabbit above.  I've warned Greg that she is making it look really easy.  What we went through before with Hit Girl often is the way many hunts go.  This makes bunny #4 for Sassy . . . it looks like it will be a Great Hawking Season!

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