Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Shopping

A successful day out shopping for those hard-to-buy for folks. Surprise! A fresh bunny!
Seriously . . . . I think my family would be horrified if I brought them a dead rabbit.

Rich and I went to my all-time favorite hunting spot, in Byron.  The field there is the most infested with rabbits of all the places I know.  Sassy was flown first, and to my point of view, was not trying too hard, being a bit overweight.  I had decided to put her up and get Hit Girl out, when she perched in a nearby tree, nearby to the cars, and refused to come to the lure.  That's bad!!  She kept looking down, so I sent Rich up and around where she was.  He then flushed the bunny she saw there, and handily caught.  So one bunny for Sassy.
Hit Girl was then flown and caught two bunnies fairly quickly.  Our falconry task accomplished, birds flown and bunnies in the bag, we picked up some lunch, took it home, got everyone tucked away, then went to the evening showing of The Hobbit.

A most excellent day . . . indeed!

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