Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays!

It was a fairly quiet Christmas here.  I worked the overnight shift at the hospital.  It was fairly quiet there too . . . thankfully!  A little busy at the early part of the evening, but nothing too exciting happened . . . always a bonus.  Upon returning home I did catch a little nap, then Rich and I headed over to one of his sister's homes, who always hosts the Christmas get-together.  Good Food was had, snacks galore, and card playing ensued.  I was the peaceful one of the party who frequently snoozed off.  Coming home much later that day, Rich and I watched a Christmas Horror Flick . . . yes, you heard that right.  It's a movie out of Finland, complete with Finish dialog and English sub-titles.  Oh, and lots of "geriatric male nudity".  Actually was an OK movie.  Santa was the bad guy, with lots of very bad and naked elves . . . any surprise with it being a Christmas horror flick?

For the first time in quite a few years, I have my own Holiday Tree.  I dug out some of my decorations, and adorned a little norfolk pine I purchased a month ago or so.  Even though I know it is a family industry, for the most part, I don't want to kill a little tree to bring it into my home.  I am a fan of the Yule tradition of bringing something green, and living, into the home to cheer up the cold and dark winter months.  However, the last many years I have not been in a situation to afford the tradition, due to space or decoration availability, or motivation.  It was late in getting set up, so may stand in place for awhile, to cheer our cold winter days, until the days grow longer and warmer. My holiday cards are going to get out late this year as well, but here are the pictures that will be featured.  The first one I have posted here before, taken two winters ago when we had very heavy snow.
The second is just a gratuitous cute kitten picture.  This is Rum Tum . . . and while he did not wholly cooperate to get his picture taken, this was the best one of the bunch, with some frosted pines behind him, which stand in our little pasture behind the house.
All my Best Wishes to Friends, Family, Falconers and Guests who come to visit my blog.  May the Peace of the Season Fill Your Hearts with Serenity, and May the 2013 Year bring Health and Prosperity for All.

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