Sunday, April 14, 2013

Minnesota Falconer's Game Dinner

On Saturday evening I was able to not only attend the Minnesota Falconer's Game Dinner, but also was able to share the evening with Rich (who took a half day off from work) and Justin, my apprentice, as well as Greg and his son Brady, who will be apprenticing with me this next season, in fall (Greg, not Brady).  It was nice to share the evening with everyone.  I was scheduled to work this weekend, but due to a little emergency with one of my co-workers, our schedule got moved around, and I did my three days earlier in the week.  Cool for me . . . I could go to the dinner with friends.
Here is just a picture of the two falconers, and "Wanna-Be" falconer.  Greg just passed his exam.  He'll be building his mews this summer . . . that is if it ever comes.  It has been a particularly long and cold winter, with a lot of new ice and snow here recently.  When it does come, it will be very welcome.

Hey guys . . . do you know how to smile?
There . . . . I very amateurely photo-shopped a smile to Justin, as he smiled very nice in one of the other pictures.  Greg just doesn't smile.  I made him look more like he's got something on his face.  Ah well . . . just a little fun.

It was nice evening . . . and both Greg and I won some loot on the raffle.    Sweet!

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